Heteronormative representation is rampant in American culture, especially with visual representations which tend to exclude lesbian or gay relationships. Here are three lesbian blogs that focus on the issues exclusive to lesbian relationships or being a lesbian in a heteronormative world.

http://www.slate.com/blogs/outward.html A blog that is a part of the online magazine Slate, Outward focuses on the LGTBQ conversation that does not make the general news cycle. Some of the most recent titles include “The Perils of Being a Woman Who Wants A Men’s Haircut in the South”, “I was a Teenaged Lesbian Cybersex Junkie” and “What the Pope Was Really Doing With Those Lines on Same-Sex Marriage and Abortion”. This blog is great for individuals who are looking to update their news intake to include LGBTQ issues.

About Wegan
http://www.whatwegandidnext.com/ This blog follows Whitney and Megan, a self proclaimed femme (lipstick) lesbian couple. They created the blog to highlight being a lesbian couple as well as be a role model for girls/women who identify as lesbian. Their blog includes fighting against the invisibility of femme lesbians in the LGB community, how to deal with long distance relationships, and general fashion/beauty tips. The blog is beautiful, easy to navigate and links to other articles in understanding the sub distinctions within the lesbian community.

Queer Women of Color
http://queerwoc.tumblr.com/ This is a tumblr account that highlights lesbian women of color. People can post their own photos, make comments or ask questions regarding being a lesbian woman of color. They even have a store that have shirts that say, “Latin Excellence” with the rainbow flag and “I Met God, She’s a Black Feminist”. Like Wegan this blog was designed to create an atmosphere and safe space for lesbians who feel invisible within the LGBTQ community.

These are just a few of the great lesbian blogs that were created for the individual whose sense of identity does not mesh with heteronormative societies.

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