It happens to the best of us.

You date someone for a few months, get comfortable around one another, and pretty soon it’s all sweatpants, Netflix and takeout food. Before either of you can take notice, the relationship goes from fun and flirty to dull and drab, and you’re left reeling from the whiplash.

Is this the same person you fell for? Is he still into you despite your penchant for stretchy pants and over-sized T-shirts?

You’re not alone in these concerns. Like I said, it’s happens all the time. Every relationship goes through a rut or two, and it doesn’t necessarily mean the end is near. In fact, you should consider it a wake-up call – a call to spice it up, revitalize it and make it fun again.
Are you and your special friend in a similar rut? Don’t send out S.O.S. signals just yet. Here are a few ways you can spice it up – before it’s too late.

1. Change your environment. It’s easy to fall into a rut if you’re staring at the same four walls every day. Take your relationship on the road; instead of your standard coffee shop, meet somewhere new today. Rather than staying at his place, invite him over to yours. If you have the funds and time, you could even take a little road trip or weekend getaway. Constantly exposing yourselves to new situations and new adventures can be a great way to keep it fresh – no matter how long you’ve been together.
2. Explore your hobbies. Like to paint? Enroll in a painting class with your man, and show him just how fun art can be. Is he super into college football? Take one for the team, and hit a Saturday tailgate with him. Seeing one another involved in and excited about your passions can really ignite those old flames.
3. Get physical. And I’m not talking about the bedroom. Make it a point to be physical outside of sex, too. Hold hands, cuddle on the couch, and kiss each other when you go to bed at night. Keep that physical bond going, even if you don’t get those same butterflies you once did.
4. Cut out the tech. Forget texting; instead, write your guy a handwritten love note, and tuck it in with his morning coffee. At night, nix the TV and tablets and instead, cuddle on the couch, read a book together, or just play a board game. Sometimes, all the technology tends to take our minds off what matters in a relationship – each other.
5. Pamper each other. Every week, do something special for your guy just because. It doesn’t have to be his birthday, Christmas or any other sort of holiday; just show him that you love him, are thinking of him and want him to be happy. Some good ideas? Cook his favorite meal, stock up on his favorite beer or even do something simple, like DVR his team’s game so he can watch it when he comes over. You can bet you’ll get a little special treatment in return!
6. Hit the gym – together. Lacking a little something in the bedroom? Chances are all those pizza and Netflix nights have gotten you feeling a little lethargic (and maybe even bloated.) Often, this can translate into the bedroom, cutting down your sex drive and affecting your self-confidence. To give yourselves a little boost, try hitting the gym together. Better yet, get outside and go for a run; the vitamin D will help both your moods!
7. Remind them you love them. Saying “I love you” before bed isn’t enough, if you want to keep the fires burning. Try to let your special someone know you’re thinking of them at other times, too. Send them a text like “I can’t wait to see you later” during their work day, or even email them a funny meme or joke so they know they’re in your thoughts. You’ll make them feel great, and they’ll be even happier to come home to you that night.
8. Invest in a project. Find a project that both you and your guy can get into. Maybe it’s building a dog house for your pup, planting veggie garden in the backyard, painting the living room or planning the perfect July 4th party. Whatever it is, it will give you some good old quality time together – and you’ll have fun, too!
9. Take it old school. Ditch the fancy date nights, and go old-school. Find a drive-in movie theater, plan a picnic or just ride bikes together in the park. Basically, think of what you use to do with your crush in high school. Doing these things together will make you feel youthful and vibrant again, and it’s sure to give your relationship a little lift in the process.
10. Get competitive. A little competition is a great way to up the ante with your boo. Challenge him to a game of tennis, play a board game or hit the local arcade for some air hockey. And don’t you dare let him win! A guy loves a girl who can hold her own when the pressure’s on.

Don’t let a little slump get you down. Take matters into your own hands, and try a few of these tips to give your twosome a boost. You’d be surprised at what just a little extra effort can do – for both you and your relationship.

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